Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Buy a Cheap iPhone 4G

The iPhone 4G is attracting millions of people not only due to the Apple brand name but its leading features that many people want and need. How to buy a cheap iPhone 4G is a question that a lot of people ask, and here some channels to buy it at low cost are given.

Channel 1 - Online retail stores

It is not difficult to understand that online stores normally do not carry the huge overheads as regular offline retail stores need to bear. Therefore, they can afford to sell the iPhone to you at a lower price. Some big online stores are competing among each others, therefore you can shop around to compare the price before making your decision. You will also find rebate and coupon offers from them. Some online stores will provide free shipping. You are advised to register for promotional deals to get the latest news from those big online store.

Channel 2 - Online Auction

You may discover big auction sites such like eBay is the "haven" to buy iPhone at low price. On the site your can find a lot of sellers and retailers that you can bid for various type of electronics. Be reminded to bid for retailers with good reputation (in eBay they are called Powerseller). If you experienced problem after receiving the goods, you must raise the issue to both the seller and the auction site. Price comparison is easy so you can readily buy a cheap iPhone there.

Channel 3 - Online Classified

Craigslist is considered to be the biggest online classified site. There people bargain for "everything" so it would be easy for you to find someone offering iPhone at a reasonable price. Both new and second hand goods could be traded there. Nevertheless, be careful before you make a deal as your payment are not protected such like those big auction site which will help resolve your dispute.

Channel 4 - Join Marketing Campaign

There are great companies which give out electronics like game console, mobile phone and laptop as the gift of their marketing campaign. Some campaigns are simply held in the form of lucky draws, while some require you to participate in free trial of their products or to complete surveys. Read the terms and conditions before you join and be reminded to stay away from scam. A lot of people really get a new iPhone by joining those campaign.

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